Over 280 billion investments even prior to port city construction commencement!

The Colombo Financial City which is scheduled to commence construction by next year, will bring in 280 billion investment to the country signifying the country’s highest investment ever, said Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The minister noted that even prior to the commencement of
construction of the Financial City this investment will be received and of that, 1000 million dollars will be spent for the construction of three towers comprising 60 floors, while $800 million will be spent on road development.

He said the Chinese Company will invest in the parallel underground road from Galle Face to Marine Drive.

‘Further land reclamation’

The minister further noted that with the construction of this road, the Galle Face land would also extend a further 30 meters.

Meanwhile, under Asian Bank assistance, the aerial road from the Kelaniya Bridge to the Financial City has already commenced construction, the minister said.

According to Minister Ranawaka, around 80,000 employment opportunities would be created through the Financial City project built by reclaiming land from the sea.


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