The national movement against the corrupted elite reconciliation will commence, says the President

The national movement against the reconciliation of the corrupted elite will commence from this February (10), said President Maithripala Sirisena.

All the religious leaders, educated elite, the intellectuals and the people who love the country will be gathered, where another
corrupted reign will not be allowed to steal state property or public money, the President further said.

‘Keeping his faith on public and with a sincere political movement he would sacrifice to build a prosperous country’, said the President.

In order to build the country, there should be a clean procedure from the provincial council, and Parliament to Presidency today and there should be an accurate political movement, the President further stated.

Thus, if the representatives who are selected from the provincial election this time who work for the people without fraud and corruption they can march towards national politics, stated the President saying that if they would get ready for an election filled with fraud and corruption they would be rejected from the first election its self.

The rally was organized in order to confirm the victory of the candidates who are representing UPFA from Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia Municipal Council, and the  Ratmalana Electorate in this Provincial Council Election.


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